Congress Topics

1. Water Pollution and Control

-Conservation, management, planning and modelling of water resources,

-Reuse of reclaimed waters,

-Quality control of drinking waters,

-Water treatment technologies,

-Advanced treatment of water by adsorption, ion exchange, membranes and oxidation processes,, etc.,

-Disinfection and disinfection by-products,

-Marine pollution.

2. Wastewater

-Wastewater characterization for treatment,

-Biological treatment of wastewaters,

-Biological nutrient removal,

-Chemical treatment of industrial wastewaters,

-Advances in biological, physical and chemical treatment processes,

-Sludge stabilization, utilization and disposal, 

-Reuse of wastewaters,

-Modelling tools and modelling of water and wastewater treatment processes/plants.

3. Air Pollution and Control

- Indoor/outdoor Air quality and monitoring,

-Modelling and air quality management,

-Air pollution and climate change,

-Pollution prevention and control technologies,

-Indoor air quality,

-Impacts of air pollution,

-Air sampling technologies.

4. Solid Wastes


-Leachate management and treatment,

-Landfill gas and treatment,

-Management of hazardous, hospital, industrial, construction and demolition wastes,

-Biological methods for waste disposal,

-Thermal technologies for waste disposal.

- Biosolids and sludge management

 5. Noise Pollution

-Industrial noise pollution control,

-Traffic noise pollution control,

-Modelling tools for the noise pollution,

-Insulating materials for the noise pollution.

6. Soil Pollution

-Soil Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Biochemistry

-Soil Mineralogy and Micromorphology

-Soil Management and Reclamation

-Soil Pollution and Remediation

 7. Renewable Energy Sources

-Bioenergy from biomass,                                                  

-Solar energy,

-Wind energy,

-Geothermal energy.

8. Persistent Organic Pollutants: Occurrence and Fate in the Environment

9. Biology, Hydrobiology and Ecology.

10. Contributions would also be expected on; Environmental

- Environmental Change,

- Environmental Ecotoxicology

- Remote Monitoring Systme and GIS

- Environmental Economics,

- Environmental Law, Politics and Policy,

- Environmental Engineering Education.

- Environmental Quality Management Systems

- And other issues on the environment.

11-Bee and Bee Products

-Environmental Pollution and Bees
-Pollination and Bee Flora
-Residue in Bee Products
-Beekeeping for Agricultural Development






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